Avio Resistance Welder Inverter

The NRW-IN4200 inverter resistance welding model was designed to support precision weld of leads to terminal boards and leads to leads on electronic components. The built-in monitor eliminates the need for an external welding monitor. This model responds to changes during welding in real time due to the fast monitor feedback which improves the bond quality. The high stability welding current generated by the power supply is ideal for resistance welding of precision electronic parts. Contact us today for more information about this Avio Resistance Welder.


  • Multi Control Mode: constant current, voltage or power
  • Pre-Weld Check
  • Long Weld Time: maximum 3 sec
  • Graphic Waveform Display: large LCD display of welding waveform
  • Multi Parameter Monitoring
  • Welding Waveform Memory

The Avio NRW-IN4200 Inverter Resistance Welding Model: A Paradigm Shift

This Avio Resistance Welder represents a paradigm shift in the world of electronic manufacturing. This innovative piece of equipment has been meticulously crafted to address the demands of precision welding, catering to the specific needs of attaching leads to terminal boards and leads to leads on electronic components. It stands out as a key tool for manufacturers seeking to enhance the quality and reliability of their electronic assemblies.

Avio Resistance Welders
Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN4200