Super E electromagnetic weld head

Meet the Super E Weld Head

Sunstone Super E Weld Head: meet the newest electromagnetic weld head from Sunstone welders. This is a high precision, high-force weld head for applications requiring accurate pressure, displacement, and position control. Available in an opposed electrode configuration, the Super E’s electromagnetic drive delivers smooth, consistent welding results. 

Here’s what we like about the Super E electromagnetic weld head

  • Up to 40 Pounds of Pressure. As a high-force weld head, the Super E will deliver more force than the Pro E (which has a range of 1-25 pounds).

  • Electromagnetic Drive. The Super E, like the Pro E, is incredibly precise with regard to the amount of force and displacement desired.

  • Automated Feedback. A steady data stream consisting of force, displacement, and positional feedback provides a big boost in production consistency and quality. Adjustable Base. Your customers can adjust the Super E’s base to fit the weld head to the weld piece, finding just the right electrode height.

  • Built-In Control. Your customers will save money with the Super E as all weld head controls are built into Sunstone’s advanced welders—there’s no need to purchase a second controller box as required by the competition!

Pairs Nicely with a Sunstone Welder. Connect the Super E to a Sunstone CCDP-A, Pico DC, Wave AC, or the Aeon HF and your customers will love the results.

Who Needs the Super E weld head 

Any of your automation-focused customers, or those who need ultra-precise welding results, find the Super E of interest. Companies like Boeing, Space X, Tesla, GE, Apple, Ford, Samsung, Raytheon are potential customers. Be mindful of these key industries:

    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Battery
    • Medical Device
    • Aerospace

Super E Weld Head Advantages Over the Competition

Having the control and feedback built into the welder is unique to Sunstone welders and saves your customer dollars and floor space. Sunstone offers independent electrode monitoring in Parallel configurations. Also note that this electromagnetic weld head price tag is lower than what your customers will find elsewhere for a similarly capable weld head.

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Super E weld head