CD100SPM Single Pulse CD Spot Welder

Available models include: CD100SPM, CD200SPM.  Sunstone’s Single Pulse resistance spot welders are engineered to provide a wide range of welding flexibility for micro spot resistance welding. The Capacitive Discharge Single Pulse (CDSP) welders can provide as little as 0.1 watt seconds (joules) of energy for welding microscopic wires and parts, or can deliver up to 200 (depending on the model) Joules for stronger welds. Thanks to a simple user interface, these welders are versatile and easy to use for many micro spot resistance welding applications. The welder can be operated at up to 120 welds/minute. These welders are versatile and easy-to-use for many fine-spot resistance welding applications. The welder interface lets users quickly select weld settings for a wide variety of welding applications.

Single Pulse Micro Spot Resistance Welding Equipment Features:

  • Refined Control of Weld Energy
  • LCD Display with Exact Energy Read-Out
  • Audio Beeps – Indicating Weld Initiation Successful
  • Thermal Protection Monitoring of Internal Power Supply Temper

Single Pulse Micro Spot Resistance Welding Equipment Applications:

  • Cross wire welding
  • Thermocouple welding
  • Copper, Aluminum, and Brass wire and sheet welding
  • Miscellaneous resistive welding applications
  • Strain gauges

Core Portable Welding Solution

When paired with the Mini Grip and a Goal Zero portable power source, the SPM can weld almost anywhere!


Sunstone Orion 100c