PA250i Micro TIG Welder

OMEGA PA250i Micro TIG Welder

Omega PA250i: maximum Power! The most powerful Sunstone pulse arc welder delivers 250 joules of energy with precision and accuracy.

When your production needs require more welding power, turn to Sunstone’s Omega PA250i, where maximum digital energy control is combined with maximum energy availability. With 250 joules of power your welding capabilities are greatly increased. Available in three different configurations, the Omega PA250i fits any production floor: In your shop, in an automated production line, or anywhere in between.

Omega PA250i Features:

  • A very small heat affected zone during weld
  • Ability to easily position welds exactly where you need them
  • The versatility of welding of very small, thin, and delicate metal parts
  • A wide range of metals that can be welded
  • Simple and easy to use touch screen interface
  • High level of precision with microscope
  • Consistency and repeatability
  • A simplified repair process by eliminating soldering
  • Quality welds
  • Very low maintenance on machine
  • Small compact size designed to fit on and around any work bench.

Sunstone’s Omega PA250i Micro TIG Welder Provides:

  • Dissimilar Welding Capabilities. The 250i’s power capabilities let you weld many dissimilar metal combinations!
  • 3 Available Configurations: Stylus only, weld head, or CNC table, like the Janome Cartesian Robot (see reverse side).
  • 250 Ws Max Energy. The most powerful Sunstone pulse arc micro welder. 
  • Weld materials as Thin as 0.0005” (0.0127mm). Enjoy extreme flexibility.
  • Digital Control. Adjust and control all energy attributes with color touch screen.
  • Visual Waveform Graphs. View energy waveforms, histograms, and more.
  • PLC-Ready. With 5 outputs/2 inputs easily integrates into your production process.
  • CNC Compatibility. Attaches to any CNC table, like the Janome Cartesian Robot, for maximum production levels 
  • 127 Remote Schedules. Saves time with quick access to saved welds.
  • Import/Export Saved Welds. Easily transfer key settings to other units.
  • Lock-Out Mode. Prevent unintended changes to production settings.
  • Alarms and Warnings. Avoid time-consuming errors or potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Built-in Training. How-to and set-up videos always at your fingertips.
  • WiFi Software Upgrades. On-board software is easily maintained.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warrant on the Omega PA250i
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