Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder

Āeon HF™ Inverter Welder

This Sunstone Inverter Welder is a welder with full production. It gives closed-loop feedback with a wide power range. Built around an innovative duty cycle design, the Āeon HF can deliver more welds within a set time period. With dual pulse capability, the operator can control weld energy in millisecond increments during the upslope, weld, and downslope phase of the energy release cycle. The Āeon HF inverter welder is currently available in a 2500A model.

Sunstone Inverter Welder Technology: Perfection in Every Weld.

The Aeon HF is a high frequency inverter spot welder that leverages the latest technology to produce an exceptional weld for many applications. With the Aeon HF, Sunstone has re-invented high frequency welding technology, providing manufacturers with an ultra-modern HF welding solution backed by experienced customer service and a 2-year warranty. This is not your typical HF inverter welder.

Sunstone Inverter Welder Key Features:

  • Weld times up to three seconds
  • Higher duty cycle than other options
  • Exceptionally clean, smooth welds
  • 3-phase power input
  • Adjustable upslope and downslope energy control
  • Production-ready with closed-loop feedback
  • Independently control 2 separate welding pulses
  • Ready to be paired with a Sunstone weld head
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

“With one look you can tell Sunstone has re-invented high frequency welding!”

This Sunstone Inverter Welder will complete more successful welds within a give time period than the competition. The welder is outperforming its nearest competitor three to one. The Āeon HF inverter welder’s advanced duty cycle design is a benefit to every manufacturer because it will complete two welds by the time any other welder finishes just one. Packed with digital energy control and closed-loop feedback, the Āeon HF provides a cleaner and smoother weld.

A large, digital touchscreen interface reduces operator training times while supporting exact energy control over every aspect of the weld. The result of innovative digital control is what Sunstone calls a “smoother” and cleaner weld. The operator can create a slow, soft increase in energy as opposed to a coarse punch, resulting in less splash and a more refined look.

Sunstone Inverter Welder advanced technology:

The Āeon HF has new inverter welding technology, a fact much evident were you to place the Sunstone Inverter Welder next to any other inverter welder. You’ll be immediately struck by technology differences. With its advanced duty cycle, the Āeon HF is a game changer for many manufacturers who must boost production to stay competitive yet operate under the confines of an ever-tightening budget.

Production-Ready, Closed-Loop Feedback

Digital closed-loop feedback enables the Āeon HF to adapt to changes in resistance, dynamically monitoring the process 25,000 times per second. Should resistivity change during the weld, the Āeon HF will make whatever energy adjustments are required to meet set parameters. Automated alarms will alert the operator to discrepancies in expected results.

High-production facilities, automated production floors, or any manufacturing process wherein every weld must meet operator-defined specifications will benefit from integrating the Āeon HF into their production process. The automotive industry, medical device manufacturers, the aerospace market, battery manufacturers, and any other production process that requires high levels of process control over micro-level welds are target markets for this new welder and its advanced welding technology.

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