Micro E electromagnetic weld head


The Sunstone Micro E is an electromagnetic linear motion weld head engineered for ultra-high welding results at the micro level.

With attached 5x microscopic optics and brilliant LED lighting, the Micro E delivers as little as 30 grams in force within 1 micron in accuracy, numbers that surpass competitive weld heads.

Force, position, and displacement feedback adds to the weld head’s fit for applications that require precision welding, such as microelectronics, electric motors and coils, actuators, magnetic wire, and any other situation that requires a fine weld in a specific spot for R&D or automated production.

Key Features of the Micro E Weld Head:

  1. Micro Welding Precision: Experience a new level of precision. Its advanced technology allows for micro welds with unmatched accuracy, making it ideal for intricate and detailed work.

  2. Versatile Applications: Adapt to diverse welding needs with the Micro E Weld Head. Whether you’re working with delicate electronic components or intricate jewelry pieces, this weld head is versatile enough to handle various micro welding applications.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Seamlessly navigate your welding tasks with the user-friendly interface of the weld head. Intuitive controls ensure ease of use, making it suitable for both seasoned professionals and those new to micro welding.

  4. Enhanced Control and Monitoring: Take full control of your welding process with enhanced monitoring features. It provides real-time feedback, allowing you to make adjustments on-the-fly for optimal results.


  • Increased Efficiency: Boost your productivity with the efficiency of the Micro E Weld Head. Its advanced features streamline the welding process, reducing time and effort required for intricate tasks.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Save on resources with precise welding capabilities. The Micro E Weld Head minimizes material waste, making it a cost-effective solution for micro welding projects.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure top-notch quality in your micro welds. The Micro E’s advanced technology guarantees consistent and high-quality results, meeting the stringent standards of various industries.

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