The Pico™

The Pico™ – DC Closed-loop Feedback Resistance Welder

The Sunstone Pico DC is a closed-loop feedback direct-current, resistance welder for fine welding with force and displacement monitoring.

The Sunstone Pico DC is an advanced, closed-loop feedback direct-current resistance welder specifically engineered for thermocompression or other fine welds. With built-in force and displacement monitoring, the Pico DC provides unmatched precision, control and monitoring. Closed-loop feedback improves quality control with real-time monitoring and sends an alert whenever a weld occurs outside user-defined parameters. The Pico DC’s 8-inch color touchscreen interface is easy-to-learn. Sunstone customers enjoy white-glove customer service and, when subscribed to the Sunstone Circle, benefit from a never-ending warranty, complimentary loaner welders, shipping, and other benefits.

Why you need The Sunstone Pico DC

  • Closed Loop Feedback
  • Force and Displacement monitoring built in
  • Built in Weld Head control
  • Sunstone’s Finest Welder – Welds extremely fine materials  
  • Optimized for the Thermal Compression Customer


  • Thermal Compression  
  • Fine wire welding
  • Solar Cell Welding
  • PCB Repair
  • Magnet Wire Welding
  • Small Coil Termination
  • Electronics
  • Heating Elements
  • Fine Ribbon Bonding


This product is also available online with Circle Plan!

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