Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry

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Discover our permanent jewerly welders and start your permanent jewelry business today

Orion mPulse


One of the most popular permanent jewelry welders.

Sunstone Orion PJ

Sunstone ORION PJ

Specifically designed for permanent jewelry artists for fine chain welding.

Sunstone Orion 100c

Sunstone ORION 100C

The precision micro pulse arc welder technology you need!

Sunstone Orion 150s

Sunstone ORION 150S

The Orion 150s boasts a power potential of up to 250 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. While powerful, the 150s is perfect for low power needs as well—yielding as little as 1 joule of energy.

Orion 200i Pulse Arc Welder

Sunstone orion 200i

Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion 200i offers the most versatile, compact, and easy-to-use welding system.

Zapp™ Permanent Jewelry Welder


The Zapp is an entry-level permanent jewelry welder that helps novice PJ artists start and grow their own business. Manufactured in the USA and supported from The Netherlands, the Zapp has an energy range to 10 joules, ideal for most permanent jewelry tasks.

Zapp Welder


The Zapp Plus Welder is a permanent jewelry welder that helps novice PJ artists start and grow their own business. Manufactured in the USA and supported from The Netherlands, the Zapp Plus has an energy range to 30 joules.


In the dynamic world of jewelry, trends come and go, but one trend that has taken the industry by storm and shows no signs of slowing down is permanent jewelry. As more and more customers seek durable and long-lasting pieces, goldsmiths and jewellers need reliable equipment to meet these demands. Enter C-Welding, the industry leader in resistance welding equipment for permanent jewelry. With our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance, we empower craftsmen to create exquisite, enduring pieces that leave a lasting impression.

Enhance Productivity and Profits

Permanent jewelry requires precise and secure joining of metals, and that’s where C-Welding’s state-of-the-art equipment shines. Our machinery offers superior welding capabilities, ensuring strong, seamless connections that withstand the test of time. By investing in our equipment, goldsmiths and jewellers experience a significant return on investment (ROI) as they reduce rework and repair costs, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional craftsmanship that captivates their customers.

Unmatched Precision for Flawless Permanent Jewelry Results

When it comes to permanent jewelry, precision is paramount. C-Welding’s equipment is engineered with the latest technological advancements, delivering impeccable welds with unmatched accuracy. Our machines offer precise control over variables such as current, pressure, and duration, allowing craftsmen to create flawless connections, even in intricate designs. With C-Welding, your jewelry pieces will boast impeccable craftsmanship that sets you apart in the market.

Unleash Creativity with Versatile Welding Solutions

Every jeweller knows the importance of versatility in their craft. C-Welding understands this too, which is why our equipment offers a range of welding solutions to cater to various jewelry-making techniques. Whether you’re working with gold, silver, platinum, or a combination of metals, our machines provide the flexibility to handle different material thicknesses and joint configurations. From delicate filigree work to robust settings, C-Welding empowers you to bring your creative visions to life.

Permanent Jewelry: Seamless Integration and Easy Operation

At C-Welding, we understand the value of efficiency and seamless integration within your jewelry-making process. Our equipment is designed with user-friendly interfaces, enabling intuitive operation and minimal training requirements. With quick setup and easy integration into existing workflows, you can seamlessly incorporate our resistance welding equipment into your production line. Spend less time on technical complexities and more time on crafting stunning pieces of permanent jewelry.

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Discover the endless possibilities of permanent jewelry with C-Welding’s advanced resistance welding equipment. Revolutionize your craftsmanship, increase productivity, and boost your profits. Join the league of successful goldsmiths and jewellers who have experienced the power of permanent jewelry already!

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