Avio NRW-IN400PA battery welder

Resistance Welder Inverter

Avio NRW-IN400PA is a highly reliable inverter-type resistance welding power supply that enables high-definition control and installation in an automatic machine. It is equipped with a mode (Free Style Profile) that can optionally set “SLOPE””WELD” and “COOL” within up to 127 steps, enabling precise heat input control required for better bonding of the fusing. In addition, by reducing internal loss and by development of high-efficiency, high-voltage transformer, high current values can be output in a short time, enabling welding of copper alloy battery tabs.


  • Switchable Inverter Frequency
    The model standard operating frequency is 2000Hz (energization time resolution 0.5ms) with the option to switch to 4000Hz (energization time resolution 0.25ms) or 5000Hz (energization time resolution 0.2ms).  The optimal frequency can be selected that realizes high-quality welding with less current ripple based on the workpiece.
  • 127-Step Free Style Profile
    The operator has the option to set “SLOPE”, “WELD” and “COOL” arbitrarily with up to 127 steps as a standard feature. Multi-stage slope welding and other multi-stage welding, such as pulse 63-stage welding, are possible.  This feature allows high quality joining by precise heat input control for both resistance weld and resistance heat applications.
  • 1 ms Variable Weld Stop Control
    Reduce the margin of error in the workpiece displacement.
  • Multi-Transformer Suppor
    The Trans Switch option allows the user to connect up to 4 transformers to one welding controller power supply using a transformer switch.  With this option multiple welding processes can be implemented using a single welding controller and multiple transformers.

This provides the client with maximum flexibility while maintaining production capacity and capabilities.  In addition, equipment installation costs can be reduced and the load on power equipment in the factory can be reduced (load leveling).

Simultaneous pressurization, sequential welding and installation of equipment for multiple processes are also possible.In addition, the Transformer Relay Box option allows the user to connect to existing transformer models.

  • Welding Parameter Compensation
    To perform optimum welding, the standard programmed weld parameters are fine tune adjusted based on changes in room and electrode temperatures. The “base or typical” welding parameters are stored for each program number.  During the actual weld, parameters are compensated according to changes in room temperature and electrode temperature as monitored by the system.  This allows for more consistent bonds that are not, or at least minimally, affected by changes in the ambient environment.
  • Dust-Proof, Reinforced Structure
    Automated systems integration is easier using the model program box which includes remote control.
  • Multiple Power Supply Capability
    The model can operate on three-phase power supplied from AC200 to 480V without changing or modifying the standard system welding power supply. 

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