Micro Resistance – AC Welder

Micro Resistance – AC Welder

AC resistance seam welders are used to complete AC resistance welds. These would include both spot welds and seam welds. Ideal for creating a continuous seam weld, foil welding, Pouch cell welding, and mesh or screen welding. The primary applications include the creation of hermetic seal with a pouch or package. Additionally, AC Resistance seam welders create and build filter assemblies, filter bodies, and attaching mesh screen to a strainer basket. Additional applications include filter baskets, battery cells, and any metal filter or screen.

Available models:

  • AC 15.0 kVA – 15kVA, 480v AC Welding Power Supply (AC15.0 kVA)
  • AC 5.0 kVA – 5.0kVA, 220-240v AC Welding Power Supply (AC5.0 kVA)
  • AC 2.2 kVA – 2.2kVA, 220-240v AC Welding Power Supply (AC2.2 kVA)

AC Resistance Spot Welders are precision units with accurate controls that can be adjusted down for fine resistance welding. Typical welding applications range from sheets as thin as 0.05mm up to 1.2mm, depending on metal and orientation.

There is often a need for a light Spot Welding Gun that can be held in the hand and used from one side.  Typical examples might include the welding of mild steel saddles to hold copper cooling tubes onto stainless, galvanized or zintec panels in refrigeration work, or the welding of stainless steel name or number plates onto a variety of components.  Other applications include model work, the welding of thermocouples and strain gauges, and the manufacture and repair of stainless steel heat insulation blankets.  The machines are also widely used in the nuclear field for the welding of stainless steel insulation in reactors.  The process is primarily designed for light gauge work up to about .75mm, which can be welded to itself or to heavier gauges, and there are a great many applications in this range where it will be invaluable.  With heavier duty Guns, cables and larger transformers, it is possible to weld up to 2 x 1.25mm, or 1.25mm to heavier materials.

Features of the AC Resistance Spot Welders

  • Internal AC Transformer
  • Simple, User-Friendly Interface
  • Synchronous IC Control
  • Adjustable Heat Control
  • 110 VAC or 240 VAC

Commonly paired with the PG2 hand-piece and EL-Roll electrode to create roller seam & Seam Welds. Additionally, AC Resistance Welders pair with a water cooling system in applications that require more extended seams or higher duty cycles. The water systems would include the PG3W with water cooled cables & a Recirculated Water Chiller. This method will allow heat that is built up during the welding process to dissipate very quickly. Water cooling system allows for extended use without damage to the welding system or diminished weld results. Please call and consult one of our welding professionals to help you determine what requirements for your application and budget. We also offer Free samples evaluations that can help you see what the welding process does for you. This Free service can help you better determine if AC Resistance welding is right for you and your application.

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Micro Resistance AC Welder