Resistance Welder Inverter Model

The NRW-8400PA inverter resistance welding model was designed to support precision weld of stranded wires to terminals, sensors and fuses in electronic devices. The built-in monitor eliminates the need for an external welding monitor. The model incorporates various functions such as pulse welding and actuation stop.


  • Fast Responding Current Feedback: Current feedback control by conventional PID and a second method aligned with the peak value of the current waveform is available. These two methods allow stable current supply to the workpiece even as the load fluctuates due to power supply voltage fluctuation or heat generation.
  • Actuate Stop: This does not make sense for edit. Please add proper description for actuate stop and resend: In addition to the current feedback control of the conventional PID control type, a control method that aligns with the peak value of the current waveform is equipped. Stable current is supplied to workpiece load fluctuation caused by power supply voltage fluctuation or heat generation.
  • Multi-Functional Pulse: pulse setting function allows for up to 24 variations of weld time and output setting.
  • CAUTION Input: the next welding output value can be increased or decreased, at any step, by inputting CAUTION from the current data: displacement, temperature, etc.
  • Internal Process Monitoring: current, voltage, power and resistance on the secondary side can be graphically displayed and monitored by the model for welding quality judgment. This quality control monitoring is available by the easy-to-operate and read screens on the 5.7-inch TFT color liquid crystal display. Up to 255 parameters can be monitored.
Avio Resistance Welders

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